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About Us

Quality Control

A key advantage that differentiates us from competitors is our on-site quality control. One of our quality control supervisors is present at every project site, compared to relying solely on a foreman to ensure best practices. This creates a constant resource for both you and the installation crew. Any questions or issues that come up during construction are addressed immediately, leaving little room for installation error or your dissatisfaction.

More importantly, the hands-on supervision means all OSHA safety regulations are enforced. Our attention and enforcement of these details negates and minimizes the opportunity for warranty issues, accidents, or fines to arise.

We Value Your Feedback

We continually improve upon our commitment to our customers through valuable feedback. Upon project completion, we give you a stamped and pre-addressed Customer Satisfaction Survey. This simple survey touches on each of the following stages to help us improve future results:

• Insurance Process (Education & Handling of Claim)
• Sales Process (Professionalism, Education, & Contracting Accuracy)
• Construction Process (Education, Timeliness, Quality, & Cleanliness)

• Referrals (Likeliness of Referral & Immediate Potential Leads of Families, Friends, & Neighbors)
• Open Suggestions

Closing Letter

ACR also provides a closing letter outlining the exact warranties of your project. Warranties typically cover five years on roofing replacement, two years on siding, one year on gutters, and one year on any miscellaneous trades.